Our Broken, Archaic Healthcare System: Part I

This article in today’s New York Times is only one of many examples why our healthcare system is broken, and cannot be fixed. In this particular case, it is the inherent conflict between the federal government’s push to have everyone covered by health insurance and the private health insurer’s need to make a profit. The article points out the inherent issues that persist and continue to bog down our healthcare system in the economic and political conflict between ‘public’ and private insurance

EMBRACE’s infrastructure is specifically designed to eliminate, or at least vastly reduce this inherent conflict, while still allowing private insurance to make a profit. In fact, under EMBRACE it is likely that private insurance will be at least as profitable for the insurer, if not more. This will be because most of the risk for the private insurance companies will be covered by the ‘public’ insurance policies.

At the same time, the public Tier 1 benefit for basic healthcare coverage will be universal and include every man woman and child from cradle to grave- for free!

Private insurance will be optional, the policies will be transparent, and the premiums will be significantly less than current policies. And there would be no increase in taxes; federal, state or local.

How does this work? Read about it in my book: EMBRACE: A Revolutionary New Healthcare System for the Twenty-First Century.

Gil Lancaster


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