EMBRACE Healthcare Reform Updates

As congressional Republicans have advanced their ACA ‘repeal’, EMBRACE has had some noteworthy progress.

1) ‘The Hill’ published an opinion piece entitled “EMBRACE single system healthcare reform-How Congress can repeal Obamacare while creating a more perfect healthcare system“. There were a lot of shares and comments.

2) Dr. Lancaster’s book was reviewed by Cardiology MagazineThe Daily Voice and by Yale Medicine Magazine , the magazine of the Yale School of Medicine.

3) During a press conference with Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4), the congressman was asked about EMBRACE as a possible alternative to the Republican healthcare bill (that had just been proposed). The Congressman not only was familiar with the plan, he also gave a very nice summary. Here is a YouTube link.

2 thoughts on “EMBRACE Healthcare Reform Updates

  1. I am a licensed agent for health insurance and have heard past proposals of extending Medicare to all. Would the Embrace core coverage be directly connected with Medicare? I think that may scare folks if so. It should be it’s own program for those not eligible for Medicare. The single payer method is fabulous!


    1. Thank you for your question Dolly.
      EMBRACE will have nothing to do with Medicare. In fact, when EMBRACE comes into effect, it will supplant Medicare, Medicaid, VA and all other public insurance programs. It will offer universal automatic (no individual mandate) coverage for all basic healthcare services (including life threatening conditions and preventative services) and will be free. Everyone will be able to upgrade this basic (Tier 1) coverage with private insurance (Tier 2).
      If you are interested in more details, please read my book: EMBRACE: A Revolutionary New Healthcare System for the Twenty-First Century.


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