EMBRACE Healthcare Reform Updates

As congressional Republicans have advanced their ACA ‘repeal’, EMBRACE has had some noteworthy progress. 1) ‘The Hill’ published an opinion piece entitled “EMBRACE single system healthcare reform-How Congress can repeal Obamacare while creating a more perfect healthcare system“. There were a lot of shares and comments. 2) Dr. Lancaster’s book was reviewed by Cardiology Magazine, The Daily Voice and… Continue reading EMBRACE Healthcare Reform Updates

EMBRACE featured in the Daily Voice

The Daily Voice recently featured a discussion of Dr. Lancaster book and his presentation on EMBRACE at the Mark Twain Library. REDDING, Conn. — Like most Americans, Dr. Gil Lancaster of Redding realizes the United States needs to overhaul its health care system. The difference is the Redding cardiologist and physician at Bridgeport Hospital has… Continue reading EMBRACE featured in the Daily Voice

No ‘Easy Fix’ to Obamacare: But, Maybe an Alternative?

In a New York Times oped piece yesterday entitled “Obamacare Hits a Bump”, Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning Economist, succinctly explains why private insurance companies are raising prices and reducing coverage on policies that they offer on exchanges; or pulling out of the exchanges altogether. Not surprisingly, the reasons seem to boil down to… Continue reading No ‘Easy Fix’ to Obamacare: But, Maybe an Alternative?