Nickel and Dimed to Death

A recent story on NPR about why cardiac rehab is underutilized brings up some of the nuances of our broken healthcare system.  One of the reasons identified in the report   for patients not using cardiac rehab is because of the ‘co-payments’ charged by insurance. Copayments are charges that the patient must pay to the provider at the time of… Continue reading Nickel and Dimed to Death

Our Broken, Archaic Healthcare System: Part I

This article in today’s New York Times is only one of many examples why our healthcare system is broken, and cannot be fixed. In this particular case, it is the inherent conflict between the federal government’s push to have everyone covered by health insurance and the private health insurer’s need to make a profit. The… Continue reading Our Broken, Archaic Healthcare System: Part I

EMBRACE The Book is Published!

This weekend my book on the EMBRACE healthcare reform plan was published. It is available through the publisher ( or on Amazon ( A Kindle version is comming soon. The book first gives a description of the plan, and then explains how it might feel to live in the United States after EMBRACE is implemented. It compares… Continue reading EMBRACE The Book is Published!

First EMBRACE- The need for real healthcare reform

It’s time for a new healthcare system! No matter how you feel about the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare as it is more commonly known), it is clear even six years after it was passed that our healthcare system is still broken. It is not that our doctors and hospitals don’t practice good medicine- they are… Continue reading First EMBRACE- The need for real healthcare reform

Welcome to the EMBRACE blog

Thank you for visiting the EMBRACE blog! The blog was created as a forum for discussing all aspects of the EMBRACE health care reform plan. EMBRACE stands for: Expanding Medical and Behavioral Resources with Access to Care for Everyone. Some posts will discuss specific features of EMBRACE, and others will discuss items in the media that relate to what EMBRACE addresses. Please feel free to… Continue reading Welcome to the EMBRACE blog